The astrological chart erected for the moment and place of birth is a symbol for your potential destiny, and how you can best actualize what you were born for while being in harmony with nature's big cycles. It offers practical, psychological and spiritual information.
Astrological counseling focuses on recognizing your needs, strengths and unique qualities, therefore helping you to choose life paths that lead to greater fulfillment. The consultation also addresses challenges and difficulties, by identifying their sources and analyzing them in terms of their best potentials.
All consultations are in person in my office in Boulder or by phone, and recorded.
You need to provide me with your birth date, place of birth and exact time of birth.

Natal interpretation
This consultation includes an overview of your birth chart, and a forecast of the main themes and events for the upcoming year. Advice on timing helps you to make more informed decisions and take better advantage of opportunities.
$120/1 hour consultation or $150 / 1.5 hours

Relationship compatibility
This consultation examines how you affect and influence each other inward and outward. Each person's needs, skills and challenges in terms of relationships are discussed, as well as how they receive each other's energy. The timing of the relationship in each person's chart is also analysed.
$ 170 / 1 hour consultation.

You are thinking about moving but are wondering if this is the right place to live, or you need help to decide between several places.
$120 / 1 hour consultation.



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