"I have worked with Sophie Rose several times over the last few years and found each appointment very helpful. I'd consulted a few other astrologers over the years but found that their information was often too conventional and without much genuine depth. I am a doctoral level clinical psychologist who is not easily impressed by shallow explanations of the inner life of a human being. Sophie focuses on deep psychological patterns in the chart and offers significant insights to mental and emotional processes. Her information is relative to both personality structure as found in the birth chart, as well as the meaning and timing of current events.  I learn something new each time I talk with her, have referred friends and colleagues to her, and plan to continue consulting with her in years to come".
Carla Bradley, Ph.D. Licensed clinical psychologist

"I have consulted with a few astrologers in the past and I was impressed by the amount of information Sophie was able to get from my natal chart. Her psychological understanding is deep, her forecasts are very accurate and it was extremely helpful to listen to her tape during the year. I highly recommend her".
Sylvie Thiebault, Paris, France.

"Each reading with Sophie helped me to see my life in a new perspective and provided me with very useful information to make my decisions".
Erin Walter, Erie, CO.

"Sophie does a great job of tying future transits to past events, so you have a good understanding of what�s coming. Each reading with Sophie has helped me reduce anxiety and feel more prepared to live the life I was meant to live".
Denise W., Louisville, CO.

Soul Regression

I experienced one of the most profound moments under the guidance of Sophie Rose.
She is extremely thoughtful and professional about her practice in past life regressions. To see so vividly my life in another body, provided me with clear insight into my purpose in this life. I feel honored to write these words on her behalf, she provided me with such clarity, direction and confidence. In short, I have become a lifelong client.
A.R. Boulder, CO

My session with Sophie straightened my belief in many lives and deaths. It brought me a sense of peace and clarity about why I am here. Meeting my spirit guide reinforced my inner courage and dispelled my self-loathing.
I felt safe and comfortable with Sophie�s ability to guide me.
L.A., Boulder licensed professional counselor.



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